PreSonus Studio One Free

Product Detail

Studio One Free
  • Elegant single-window work environment
  • Content browser with powerful drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, buses, and FX channels
  • Most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
  • eight high-quality PreSonus Native Effects™ plug-ins and Presence virtual instrument plug-in
  • Compatible with ASIO-, Windows Audio-, and Core Audio-compliant audio interfaces

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Product Details & Resources

Studio One Free can do far more and has fewer limitations than you probably expect from a free DAW. For example, it has Studio One's single-window, integrated environment; allows an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks; has no limitations on plug-in instantiations; comes with eight high-quality PreSonus Native Effects™ plug-ins; offers multitrack comping; and performs real-time time-stretching and tempo-following. Studio One Free also has the smooth, drag-and-drop workflow that distinguishes Studio One from other DAWs.

For a complete list of Studio One Free features, click here

You can even start with Studio One Free, switch modes so it becomes a time-limited (30 days) Studio One Professional demo, and after the demo expires, simply go back to using Studio One Free while you save your pennies to buy Artist, Producer, or Professional. You only have to download the application once, although you’ll also want to download the very cool bundled software and other content that are included with the higher versions.