Refurbished - HP4 Headphone Bundle

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Refurbished - HP4 Headphone Bundle

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  • 1 - HP4 Headphone amplifier 
  • 4- HD7 Professional Monitoring Headphones

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Get a refurbished HP4 headphone amplifier and 4 HD7 Professional Monitoring Headphones for a great deal! 


  • 4 screaming-loud (130 mW per channel) stereo headphone amps
  • Mono summing
  • Monitor level control and mute
  • Daisy-chain multiple units via monitor outputs
  • Compact 1/3U rack-mount chassis


Full-range headphones with big bass!

PreSonus’ high-definition HD7 headphones take advantage of a patented, semi-open sound chamber to deliver exceptionally deep low frequencies with a balanced and yet powerful bass punch. Accurate midrange and extended treble response let you pick out the fine details of a mix or track.

The lightweight, ergonomic design adjusts to any head size, offering a comfortable listening experience during long recording sessions.

Whether you’re monitoring, tracking, mixing, or just listening for pleasure, you can expect impressive sonic performance from your HD7 headphones.