Trumpet Section *

Product Details

  • Recorded using the London Symphony Orchestra principal and players at Abbey Road Studios, London
  • Adds a mellow chorused texture to your brass section and ensemble arrangements
  • Mutes are included in this kit
  • For use with Notion version 4 and later

The Trumpet Section is smooth and rich with an even tone throughout all octaves. You can hear the attacks on the notes by the players, and the realism is impeccable. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London by principals and players from the London Symphony Orchestra, the Notion® Trumpet Section expansion pack adds a mellow, chorused texture to your brass section and ensemble arrangements. The ensemble consists of three trumpets and includes the following playing techniques: legato, vibrato, staccato, trills, flutter tongue, straight mute legato, straight mute staccato, straight mute trills, straight mute flutter tongue, Harmon mute legato, Harmon mute staccato, Harmon mute trills, Harmon mute flutter tongue.

(156.6 MB download)

Sound Samples