Trombone Section *

Product Details

  • Recorded using the London Symphony Orchestra principal and players at Abbey Road Studios, London
  • Adds a full even texture across the chromatic and dynamic range
  • Mutes are included with this instrument
  • For use with Notion version 4 and later

The Trombone Section is a regal sound. They chorus nicely together blending tone and power. The embouchure can be heard in the attacks and the slurs are smooth with a conscious blend of brass and air. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London by principals and players from the London Symphony Orchestra, the Notion® Trombone Section expansion pack delivers a full, even texture across the chromatic and dynamic range. The ensemble consists of two tenor trombones and one bass trombone and includes the following playing techniques: legato and staccato.

(57 MB download)

Sound Samples