Swamp Grit *

Product Details

  • A real product 
  • Not a joke
  • Uniquely smoky and garlicky three-pepper blend
  • Not too hot because you’re a wuss
  • Intuitive open ‘n’ shake workflow
  • Hardware USB iLok dongle is NOT required
  • US Only

Swamp Grit

What started as an exclusive gift to our employees, dealers and distributors was just too good to keep a secret, so our friends at Red Stick Spice Company here in Baton Rouge, LA have helped us to make our spices available to everyone!  (Available in the USA for now... international availability coming soon.)

A smoky, garlicky three-pepper blend that’s bold without melting your face like those guys at the end of Indiana Jones, SWAMP GRIT is an alchemical smoky charm in a bottle that will enchant your dinner plate and your dinner guests. Doubly good on your protein of choice.


System Requirements

Compatible with Kitchens (Versions 0.5 and higher) or Studio One Artist with separately purchased Culinary Expertise and Wooden Spoon Support Add-on

General Specs

Salt, Red Pepper, Chili Pepper, Black Pepper, Garlic, and other spices.

Recommended pairings

Pork, baked chicken, lamb, ribs, alligator... and any of the classic PreSonus recipes in the back of your favorite manual; especially Jambalaya and Red Fish Couvillion.