SoundEngine - Upright Pianos *

Product Details

  • Compatible with Studio One Prime, Artist, and Professional (versions 3.5.5 and higher)
  • 50 presets for Presence XT
  • File Size ≈ 133MB

Killer samples of some quintessential upright piano sounds. In and out of tune. 50 presets for Presence XT!

Collection Instrument Summary:

  • X00 Base Piano Name - Straight-­‐up Piano Map with Velocity Amp and Slight Filter response – tuned to Equal Temperament, but those notes with multiple strings on the piano can still be out of tune.
  • X01 Chorus - Uses Presence XT’s built‐in Chorus effect
  • X02 Needs Repair - Compressed envelopes and unnatural filtering make this piano sounds like it’s broken a bit.
  • X03 Pad - Looped portion of the piano creates a flowing, moving pad sound. Fits into a mix really well.
  • X04 Dark Dream 1 - Wave sample shifted piano with warm filtering and long release envelopes create a gong-like, ethereal sound
  • X05 Creeper - Samples played out of normal range with filtering, strange AMP envelope
  • X06 Disturbed - Distortion, release envelope and filtering take a piano to a new place
  • X07 Dark Dream 2 - Even darker and dreamier than Dark Dream 1
  • X08 Shifted - Normal programming for a piano, but using wave sample shift to add an alternate take on the color of the sound
  • X09 Natural -Plays back as recorded – no pitch correction, except on Middle C

System Requirements

Studio One Prime, Artist, and Professional (Versions 3.5.5 and higher)


Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor
(Intel Core i3 or better recommended)


Windows 7 x64/x86 SP1 + platform update, Windows 8.1 x64/x86, Windows 10 x64/x86
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD® Athlon™ X2 processor
(Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon X4 or better recommended)

Download file sizes are approximate.

Sound Samples