Sample Tekk - Tubed Keys MkI 73 *

Product Details

  • Compatible with Studio One Prime, Artist, and Professional (Version 3.3.4 or higher)
  • 1.71GB of Fender Rhodes samples for Presence XT
  • 16 velocity levels
  • Controllable Release volume
  • Recorded through a tube amp, the way it should!

Tubed Rhodes

Typically, instruments that have been recorded for a sampled instrument are recorded direct via line-in. That means that you take the signal from the instrument, and feed it directly to the recording device. This means that you will get a very clean, bright signal. Typically, that’s a good thing.

But with the Tubed Rhodes, we chose not to go this route. Why? Because it’s not how the Rhodes was meant to be heard.

When Fender tunes and sets up the Rhodes pianos in the factory, they used a Fender Twin as a reference amplifier. It is the amp which the Rhodes was designed to work best with—not to produce distortion, but to add character and flavor.

That being the case, this is exactly how we chose to sample our Rhodes. Through a Fender Twin, as Fender intended. We didn’t go for 80’s sheen and gloss with lots of tines and overtones. The Tubed Rhodes is more representative the 70’s: a gritty, hard-core rythm’n’blues kind of sound.

The Tubed Rhodes has no less than 16 different velocity samples per note and this gives you the dynamic response you need to play this instrument accurately. Add to this 16 matching release samples and you'll have 32 samples per note!

The controls
The Rhodes electric piano has a distinct release sound, especially when played hard and using shorter notes. You can set the volume of this sound by using the ”Rel Vol” control.

Presence has a lot of cool effects! There are a few presets included that shows some of the possibilities that you have for tweaking the instrument. Make your own! Experiment! Be bold! Go wild!

Sound Samples