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Product Details

  • Compatible with Studio One Prime, Artist, and Professional (Version 3.3.4 or higher)
  • Get the haunting choir sounds of "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc
  • Sample Library for Presence XT
  • Made in collaboration with Eric Stewart of 10cc

INTL Choir

In 1974, 10CC recorded their third album, The Original Soundtrack. On that album, there was a song that would not only be one of the greatest songs ever recorded, it also was a production masterpiece way ahead of its time. The song is, of course, "I'm Not In Love" written by Eric Stewart and co-writer, Graham Gouldman.

A prominent feature of the song is amazing, ethereal choral parts. Since this was recorded in the pre-digital era, there have been a lot of discussions and theories about how these fantastic voices were produced.

Eric Stewart explains,"It was Lol that came up with the idea of making tape loops that would run endlessly. So, we spent three weeks recording three guys, just singing 'ahhhhhh', into a Strawberry Studios 16-track Studer tape machine. Each note had 16 tracks of three people singing, giving me 48 voices for each note.

The 16 tracks’ notes were then individually mixed down to 1/4 inch tapes that were then looped, from the stereo Studer machine, using mic stands with rollers to tension the tape loops properly, which were then recorded back to the 16 track. This resulted in having each note on a separate track.

"The four of us then actually got around the control desk and started to change the notes of each chord as it was playing within the song, moving the notes up and down with the faders,” Eric continues. “But while performing this mix, I also had a constant background of all the 13 voice notes sizzling away just underneath the stereo mixdown. This is where the ethereal sound of 'I'm Not in Love' was developed from".

These choirs are unique—there's simply nothing else like them! The combination of voices and the way they were produced have given them a sound that's truly one of a kind. Now, SampleTekk, in cooperation with Eric Stewart of 10CC are very proud to release of The INIL Choir, thus taking one of the most famous analogue samples into the digital era.

The Patches

This is the way the samples were used originally. The unpitched range is from G3 to A#4. The tapes were then slowed down and sped up to get a broader range. The pitched-down voices were used not only on ”I’m not in love,” but also as a cello type of sound on ”Blackmail.”

INIL Pitch
With today’s technology it’s possible to re-pitch samples in a more natural-sounding way, so we have made a patch that has the samples pitched using modern tools.

The “All in” key
As explained above, the original recording of “I’m not in love” played the original sounds by moving the faders on the mixer. However, they put gaff tape on the desk, so that the faders could never return to zero, always leaving an ethereal ambient sound going. You find that under C1!

Presence has a lot of cool effects! There are a few presets included that shows some of the possibilities that you have for tweaking the instrument. Make your own! Experiment! Be bold! Go wild!

Have fun, and remember to eat and sleep.

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