PreSonus - Manic at the Disco *

Product Details

  • Compatible with Studio One® Prime, Artist, and Professional (versions 3.5.5 and higher)
  • 15 construction kits (Audioloop format)
  • 145 x 24-bit Audioloops
  • 15 x Impact/ATOM kits (Studio One 4 Artist or higher)​​
  • All sounds and loops are 100% royalty-free 
  • Size  ≈ 302 MB (uncompressed), 154 MB (compressed)

Manic at the Disco is what happens when visionary producers apply contemporary production values and modern synth tones to vintage disco groove. There’s more than a dash of 90s-era trance elements in here; other tonal surprises include bitcrushed leads and filter-swept, sidechained pads—all atop that proven, relentless disco pulse. The resulting vibe is simultaneously classic and futurist without sounding dated. It would serve as an excellent soundtrack to a night out in Neo-Tokyo... so you’re gonna want to leave the sequined jumpsuit in the attic for this one. (Actually you should probably just leave it up there anyway.)

You get a whopping 15 multi-track construction loop sets ranging from 120 to 141 BPM—around 300MB (uncompressed) of content. Tones include bouncing basslines (both synthesized and slapped electric); trancy sawtooth leads; synthesized strings and plucks; and a nice balance of organic and inorganic drum textures occasionally peppered with Latin percussion.

You also get 15 kits for Impact XT that include both individual drum sounds as well as musical loops for you to make your own beats and perform live looping with—excellent for the next time you get booked to DJ a mirror-balled warehouse party on Neptune. 

System Requirements

Studio One® Prime, Artist, and Professional (versions 3.5.5 and higher)
​​​Impact XT and Sample One XT Kits require Studio One 4 Artist or higher

macOS® 10.8.5 or higher
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor
(Intel Core i3 or better recommended)

Windows® 7 x64/x86 SP1 + platform update, Windows 8.1 x64/x86, Windows 10 x64/x86
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 processor
(Intel Core i3 or AMD Athlon X4 or better recommended)

Sound Samples