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* Factory Refurbished - This item has been 100% tested for proper operation and carries the full manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

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  • Dynamic broadcast microphone
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Great choice for recording vocals for podcasts, radio. and more
  • Works with any audio interface with a microphone preamp
  • End address
  • Exceptional clarity throughout its frequency response range
  • Rugged construction
  • Top-quality performance specifications
  • Integrated hard mount and windscreen

Buy PD-70

* Factory Refurbished - This item has been 100% tested for proper operation and carries the full manufacturer's Limited Warranty.

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Whether you’re starting your first podcast, telling your YouTube subscribers about the latest trends, or running a program for your local volunteer radio station from your living room, you need a microphone that will bring your voice to your listener with clarity and warmth. The PD-70 is built to capture spoken word cleanly and clearly while eliminating mechanical noise and breathiness that can get between you and your audience. With superior off-axis rejection, you can set up your broadcast studio in just about any space— and unwanted reverberance, electrical hum, and the random car driving by will be left behind, leaving only the pristine, natural sound of your voice.

Technical Specifications

Acoustic Performance

Capsule Type Dynamic
Sensitivity 1.6mV/Pa
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Output  Impendance 350Ω

Recording mag PD-70 review

“While inexpensive, the PD-70 is incredibly well built and attractive.... The fact that the mic is good to go with little need for additional EQ is a boon to fledgling content creators.”

Bill Stunt, Recording, February 2022

KR PD-70 review

“Le son du PD-70 testé avec l’interface Studio 24c est très chaleureux. (The sound of the PD-70 tested with the Studio 24c interface is very warm.)”

François Bouchery, KR Magazine (France), February 2022

Gearspace PD-70 review (Sound-Guy)

“I would not rule out using the PD-70 for about anything... it sounded fine to me with everything I tried.”

Sound-Guy, Gearspace, November 2021

Mark Wiemels PD-70 Review

“...of all the budget dynamic microphones I have tested so far for in-shot videos for YouTube or for podcasts, I think the PD-70 is far and away the best performer.”

Mark Wiemels, Mark Wiemels, November 2021

Mix PD-70 review

“...the sound was rich and noise-free, and I would have no issues using the PD-70 for a loud lead vocal track—provided the singer could stay aimed at the mic.”

Barry Rudolph, Mix, November 2021

Music Connection PD-70 review

“...will improve the sound of anyone doing online podcasting, Internet radio or the occasional Zoom meeting.”

Barry Rudolph, Music Connection, October 2021

ReadySitGeek PD-70 review

“The sound quality is head and shoulders above the competition at the price point.”

James Clark, ReadySitGeek, October 2021

Eurogamer Best XLR Gaming Microphone - PD-70

“...the best XLR microphone for gaming we've tested so far...great for streaming or recording in a busy environment.”

Will Judd, Eurogamer, October 2021

Kreatve Snd PD-70 review

“For the price of this mic, I’ve got to say, I’ll go for this all day.”

Kevn Elib, Kreative Snd, August 2021

Prime Sound PD-70 review

“The overall performance for podcasters, YouTubers, radio broadcasters, and other content creators is something to marvel at.”

Staff, Prime Sound, May 2021

Mixdown Revelator and PD-70 review

“The Revelator very much lives up to its rather fitting name, being quite the revelation in the content creation space..... The PD-70 is... smooth, clear and crisp, and for some voices, the exact special sauce required.”

Andy Lloyd-Russell, Mixdown, March 2021

AudioTechnology PD-70 review

“The PreSonus PD-70 will meet all the core needs of a podcaster... a crisp and professional vocal sound that won’t leave you dissatisfied.”

Preshan John, AudioTechnology, March 2021

Brand Viva PD-70 review

“A great value… you really can’t beat it… a fantastic choice for streaming or for podcasting.”

Mark Labriola, Brand Viva, February 2021

Delamar PD-70 review

“Vom Podcast, über Livestreams bis zur Videovertonung bietet es sich demnach für alle diejenigen an, die ihre Stimme möglichst professionell klingen lassen möchten, ohne gleich das Sparkonto plündern zu müssen. (From podcasts to live streams to video sound”

Sven Radig, Delamar, February 2021

Radio World PD-70 review

“...competitive against long-standing industry stalwarts...a top-notch, affordable choice.”

Chris Wygal, Radio World, January 2021

Bonedo.de PD-70 review

“Hat PreSonus hier ganze Arbeit geleistet... kann das PD-70 absolut empfohlen werden. (PreSonus did a great job here ... the PD-70 can be highly recommended.)”

Nick Mavridis, Bonedo.de, January 2021

ProVideoCoalition PD-70 review

“For the human voice, I am delighted with the sound quality, physical design and price performance of the PreSonus PD-70 microphone.”

Allan Tépper, ProVideoCoalition, December 2020

The Ultimate Holiday Videoconferencing Set-Up

“The sound will resonate with such clarity that if your friends and family close their eyes, they’ll be able to imagine you’re right there with them.”

, Matrix Video Communications, December 2020

MMORPG PD-70 review

“I’m not going to mince words: I love this microphone! It has not left my broadcasting boom arm since I took it out of the box.”

Damien Gula, MMORPG, December 2020

The Podcast Host PD-70 review

“...a beautiful mic with great frequency response and sensitivity, capturing the chest tones and that broadcast sound with low noise and terrific clarity.”

Matt Boudreau, The Podcast Host, December 2020

Crossfadr PD-70 review

“This is a beautiful addition to the podcasting space… I think it sounds awesome.”

, Crossfadr, November 2020

Rebel Tech PD-70 review

“I really love this frequency response....spoken words and the emphasis on details are there naturally. It will give you that nice broadcast sound and spoken words that are clear.”

Justin Grosso, Rebel Tech, October 2020

MachineCityAudio PD-70 review

“Don't let the price tag fool you, this is a great quality microphone and it sounds great.”

Marcus Vaughn, MachineCityAudio, October 2020