More than Compressors - The Complete Guide to Dynamics in Studio One *

Product Details

  • Lavishly illustrated, 146-page eBook is the highly anticipated follow-up to “How to Record and Mix Great Vocals in Studio One”
  • Covers applications for all Studio One dynamics processors
  • Describes how to create dynamics with automation, DSP, and other techniques
  • Links from contents page to topics
  • Filled with practical, real-world examples—both technical and musical

* Please note that this product is an electronic or (eBook) and is a download product only. Nothing will be shipped. 

Dynamics are a crucial emotional component of all types of music, so it’s important to apply dynamics processing in an effective, musical way. And now, renowned music technology expert Craig Anderton brings his years of production expertise to an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide about all aspects of dynamics. Topics include dynamics basics, how to use all Studio One dynamics processors (Compressor, Limiter, Tricomp, Expander, Gate, Multiband Dynamics, Channel Strip, and Fat Channel), sidechaining, de-essing, dynamics control with DSP, dynamics via automation, “multi” dynamics processors, dynamics in mastering, effects placement, and more.

Profusely illustrated, and loaded with constructive, no-nonsense advice that will improve your productions, this 146-page eBook is truly a gold mine of information for Studio One users. As Arnd Kaiser (General Manager – PreSonus Software) says, “I love this book. It's great to have so much essential and relevant information condensed into a single document. This is could easily become the de-facto reference for Studio One users on all things ‘dynamics.’ Very cool—and highly recommended.”

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  • 146 pages, 37,000 words, four-color 300 DPI illlustrations
  • Downloadable PDF with links from the contents to book topics
  • “Key Takeaways” section for each chapter presents chapter highlights
  • Covers all aspects of dynamics processing, not just plug-ins, with Studio One

Chapter 1: Dynamics Basics
Chapter 2: Compressor
Chapter 3: Limiter
Chapter 4: Tricomp
Chapter 5: Expander
Chapter 6: Gate
Chapter 7: Multiband Dynamics
Chapter 8: Sidechaining and De-Essing
Chapter 9: Dynamics Control with DSP
Chapter 10: Dynamics Via Automation
Chapter 11: “Multi” Dynamics Processors
Chapter 12: “Loudness Wars” and Dynamics in Mastering
Appendix: Effects Placement