How to Record and Mix Great Vocals in Studio One *

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  • Profusely illustrated, 121-page eBook
  • Covers everything from microphones to the final mix
  • Tips on creating compelling vocal performances
  • Links from contents page to topics
  • Filled with practical, real-world examples

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The vocal is the most important part of any song: it’s the conversation that forms a bond between performer and listener. And now, renowned music technology expert Craig Anderton brings his years of production expertise to an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide about recording great vocals. Topics include choosing a mic, recording techniques, using DSP, equalization, dynamics processing, pitch correction, reverb, delay, layering, comping, harmonizing, automation, and much more. An additional chapter on performance tips goes beyond technology to explore not just how to obtain great sounds, but how to create compelling vocal performances.

Profusely illustrated and loaded with practical, no-nonsense advice that de-mystifies the process of capturing and mixing vocals, this 126-page eBook is truly a gold mine of information for Studio One users.

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  • 121 pages, 32,800 words, four-color 300 DPI
  • Downloadable PDF with links from the contents to book topics
  • “Tech Talk” sidebars for deep dives into selected topics
  • “Key Takeaways” section for each chapter presents chapter highlights
  • Covers all aspects of vocal recording and mixing with Studio One

Chapter 1: Your Mic Is Your Instrument
Chapter 2: Recording Techniques
Chapter 3: Preparing Your Vocals for the Mix
Chapter 4: Equalization
Chapter 5: Dynamics Processing
Chapter 6: Reverb and Delay
Chapter 7: Automating Parameter Changes
Chapter 8: Doubling, Harmonizing, and Layering Vocals
Chapter 9: Vocal Performance Tips