Flute Duo *

Product Details

  • Recorded using the London Symphony Orchestra principal and second player at Abbey Road Studios, London
  • Adds a rich, bright texture to your arrangements that really help the Flutes stand out in your mixes
  • For use with Notion version 4 and later

The Flute Duo enhances Flute parts as an interchangeable instrument set used for doubling on unison parts, or as a replacement for your Solo Flute with a built in mild chorusing effect and a rich texture. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London by principals and players from the London Symphony Orchestra, the Notion® Flute Duo expansion pack adds a rich, bright texture that will help the flutes stand out in your mixes. This ensemble consists of two flutes and includes the following playing techniques: legato, vibrato, staccato, trills, and flutter tongue.

(206.6 MB download)

Sound Samples