Eris E5 XT *

Product Details

  • 5-inch woven composite low-frequency transducer
  • 1-inch (25.4 mm), ultra-low-mass, silk-dome, high-frequency transducer
  • 100°(H) x 60°(V) EBM waveguide and ported enclosure
  • Tuning Controls for accurate mixing contour (Level, HPF, LF Trim, HF Trim, Acoustic Space)
  • 80 Watt, Class AB bi-amplification drives up to 102 dB of sound

With the same robust connectivity options and powerful, articulate driver combo, the Eris E5 XT studio monitor is a nuanced update to a lauded classic. The 1-inch silk-dome tweeter now sports a Hugh Sarvis-designed EBM waveguide, delivering a wider and more controlled sweet spot ideal for group listening and collaboration. A larger, ported enclosure extends the bass response of the 5-inch woven composite low-frequency driver without adding any mud. And of course, the acoustic tuning controls let you flatten the frequency response in accordance with your mix environment. It’s Eris, remastered.

Technical Specifications


1- Balanced XLR
1- Balanced ¼” TRS
1- Unbalanced RCA


Frequency Response 48 Hz - 20 kHz
Crossover Frequency 3 kHz
LF Amplifier Power 45W
HF Amplifier Power 35W
Peak SPL (@ 1 meter) 102 dB
LF Driver 5.25”
HF Driver 1” silk dome
Input Impedance 10 kΩ
Dispersion 100 degrees horizontal by 60 degrees vertical

User Controls

Volume Range A-type taper
MF Control -6, 0, +6 dB
HF Control -6, 0, +6 dB
Low Cut Flat, 80 Hz, or 100 Hz
Acoustic Space Flat, -2 dB, or -4 dB


RF interference
Output-current limiting
Turn-on/off transient
Subsonic filter
External mains fuse


100-120V ~50/60 Hz or 220-240V ~50/60 Hz


Vinyl-laminated, medium-density fiberboard


Width 8” (203.2 mm)
Depth 9” (228.6 mm)
Height 11” (279.4 mm)
Weight 11 lbs (4.99 kg)

As a commitment to constant improvement, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc., reserves the right to change any specification stated herein, at any time, without notification.

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