Refurbished - Eris E5 *

Product Details

  • 5.25-inch woven composite low-frequency transducer
  • 1-inch (25 mm), ultra-low-mass, silk-dome, high-frequency transducer
  • 80 watt, Class AB biamplification
  • Midrange (±6 dB, continuously variable), HF (±6 dB, continuously variable), High-Pass (Off, 80 Hz, 100 Hz) and Acoustic Space settings (flat, -2, -4 dB) for accurate mixing contour
  • RF interference, output current limiting, over-temperature, transient, and subsonic protection

When it’s time to replace those cheap “computer” speakers with serious 2-way professional studio monitors, you’re ready for the Eris E5. With low frequency transducers, low-mass silk-dome tweeters, responsive Class AB amplification, and professional acoustic-adjustment controls, the compact Eris E5 represents an outstanding value in its class. It includes RF shielding, current-output limiting, over-temperature protection, and subsonic protection, and unlike comparably priced studio monitors, it has controls for simulating different listening environments and flattening frequency response to enable accurate mixing.

Technical Specifications


1- Balanced XLR
1- Balanced ¼” TRS
1- Unbalanced RCA


Frequency Response 53 Hz - 22 kHz
Crossover Frequency 3 kHz
LF Amplifier Power 45W
HF Amplifier Power 35W
Peak SPL (@ 1 meter) 102 dB
LF Driver 5.25”
HF Driver 1” silk dome
Input Impedance 10 kΩ

User Controls

Volume Range A-type taper
MF Control -6, 0, +6 dB
HF Control -6, 0, +6 dB
Low Cut Flat, 80 Hz, 100 Hz
Acoustic Space Flat, -2 dB, -4 dB


RF interference
Output-current limiting
Turn-on/off transient
Subsonic filter
External mains fuse


100-120V ~50/60 Hz or 220-240V ~50/60 Hz


Vinyl-laminated, medium-density fiberboard


Width 7” (178 mm)
Depth 7.68” (195 mm)
Height 10.24” (260 mm)
Weight 10.2 lbs (4.63 kg)

As a commitment to constant improvement, PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc., reserves the right to change any specification stated herein, at any time, without notification.

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“For novice sound engineers, or hobby musicians, and professionals alike, the Eris E5 can be a great choice that works well in a wide variety of environments.”

Róbert Polgár, Perfect Acoustic, September 2021

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, Consordini, January 2020 Eris E5 review

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Kelly,, February 2019

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Mick, Hi-Tech Resource, March 2018

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“’s not about the hype or wowing inexperienced producers with over-emphasized bass or in-your-face sound, it’s about practicality. If you want practicality and versatility, we recommend you go down the path of the Eris E5.”

Staff, AudioGearz, January 2018

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“There’s nothing entry-level about them. I don’t think any home studio or professional studio should be without a pair.”

David, Pixel Pro Audio, February 2016

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Travis Fader, Travis Fader, April 2015

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Paul White, Sound on Sound, November 2013

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Paul Lau, Canadian Musician, October 2013

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Felix Klostermann, Bonedo, September 2013

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Eli Crews, Tape Op, August 2013

Recording mag Eris E5 and E8 review

“The E5 costs a bit more per pair than a set of cheap-ass desktop computer speakers and a thumpy little one-note sub, but for your money you get monitors you can actually use for real engineering.”

Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine, May 2013

EM Eris E5 and E8 review

“If you have a monitor control system just itching to switch between your “big speakers” and smaller, real-world speakers, the E5 could be an excellent choice.”

Craig Anderton, EM, April 2013