Craig Anderton - Vocals eBook and IR-Pack Bundle *

Product Details

  • The definitive downloadable eBook on getting great vocal sounds in Studio One—from mic to mix
  • Expert tips and techniques on how to record, process, and mix vocals
  • 128 Impulse Responses for Open AIR to dress up your productions
  • Impulses compatible with Studio One Professional 3.5 and up

* Please note that this is a download product only. Nothing will be shipped. 

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Bundle contents:

Few aspects are more important to music productions than the vocals. How to Record and Mix Great Vocals in Studio One (Second Edition) is the revised version of the best-selling original eBook, with more tips, more techniques, and updates to cover the latest features in Studio One 5. For more details, please visit the book’s PreSonus Shop page, or look over the Table of Contents.

Reverb is another crucial element in all kinds of music productions. Surreal Reverb Impulse Responses is new and different—128 synthesized impulses that aren’t about replicating physical rooms, but creating imaginary spaces without flutter, periodicity, or similar sonic imperfections. For more details, please visit the pack’s PreSonus Shop page, and listen to the unique reverb sounds in the audio/video demo below. 

How to Record and Mix Great Vocals in Studio One (Second Edition)
  • 194 pages, 46,650 words, four-color 300 DPI illustrations
  • Downloadable PDF with links from the contents to book topics
  • “Tech Talk” sidebars for deep dives into selected topics
  • “Key Takeaways” section for each chapter presents chapter highlights
  • Covers all aspects of vocal recording and mixing with Studio One
  • Free files (8 impulse responses for vocals, 2 Presets, and 5 FX Chains)
Surreal Reverb Impulse Responses
  • Compatible with Studio One Professional (Versions 3.5.5 and higher)
  • Synthesized (not sampled) impulse responses for Open AIR
  • Smooth, distinctive, surreal sound quality
  • 4 collections: Idealized, Reverse, Vocal, and PreDelay reverbs
  • 128 Open AIR Presets
  • 128 WAV files, 44.1 kHz/24-bit
  • Excellent for both musical and sound design applications

Sound Samples