Craig Anderton - The Huge Book of Studio One Tips and Tricks *

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The Huge Book of Studio One Tips & Tricks

Raise the bar for your Studio One recordings: music technology expert Craig Anderton brings his years of expertise to an easy-to-understand, practical guide that’s loaded with useful tips for tracking, mixing, and production. This massive book includes tips on how solve problems, enhance sound quality, improve workflow, achieve greater expressiveness, create signature sounds, and much more.

Written in a clear, authoritative style, and profusely illustrated, you’ll find tips and techniques designed to help take your music to the next level. Make better music—and make it more efficiently—with The Huge Book of Studio One Tips and Tricks

Preview the table of contents and preface HERE

  • 492 pages, over 114,000 words, tablet and smartphone-friendly layout
  • 477 four-color illustrations help streamline the learning process
  • 83 free, downloadable presets (68 Multipresets, 10 Mai Tai presets, 4 presets, 1 song file) complement the 171 tips
  • Downloadable PDF, with links from the contents to book topics
  • Click here for the contents, which lists all the tips

Chapter 1:General Techniques / Workflow
Chapter 2: Signal Processing
Chapter 3: Guitar and Bass
Chapter 4: Drums and Percussion
Chapter 5: MIDI and Note Events
Chapter 6: Virtual Instruments
Chapter 7: FX Chains
Chapter 8: Reverb
Chapter 9: Sidechaining
Chapter 10: Controllers
Chapter 11: Mastering
Chapter 12: Theory