Craig Anderton - How to Record and Mix Great Guitar Sounds in Studio One *

Product Details

  • 298-page, beautifully illustrated eBook is the latest book in this acclaimed series of how to get the absolute most out of Studio One®
  • Updated to incorporate changes in Studio One 5
  • Covers all aspects of recording and mixing guitar, from how to choose the right strings for a particular tone to advanced techniques that bring out the best in amp sims
  • Applicable to all genres, from acoustic folk to heavy metal
  • Links from contents page to topics—find specific subjects quickly
  • Find out how to use DSP, effects, real-time control, and much more

* Please note that this product is an electronic or (eBook) and is a download product only. Nothing will be shipped. 

Guitar is the core of so many musical genres, and now renowned music technology expert Craig Anderton brings his years of production and mixing expertise to the world of guitars. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of recording and mixing guitar: how to get the sound right at the source (strings, pickups, and more), obtaining realistic sounds from amp sims, how DSP can enhance guitar tracks, supplementing Ampire with Studio One’s deep suite of studio effects, automation, sidechaining, integrating hardware effects, real-time pedal and footswitch control, layering and harmonizing, re-amping, creating virtual pedalboards, how to get feedback with amp sims (really), and much more.

Clearly written, practical, and extensively illustrated, this definitive book covers invaluable production and engineering techniques—it’s essential reading to help you get the guitar sounds you’ve always wanted.

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  • 298 pages, 74,600 words, 210 four-color illustrations
  • Downloadable PDF, with links from the contents to book topics
  • “Key Takeaways” section for each chapter summarizes chapter highlights
  • “Tech Talk” sidebars do deep dives into selected topics
  • Covers all aspects of recording and mixing guitar with Studio One

Chapter 1 | Get the Sound Right at the Source
Chapter 2 | The Audio Interface
Chapter 3 | Setting Levels, Recording, and Mixing
Chapter 4 | Plug-In and Re-Amping Basics
Chapter 5 | Recording Techniques
Chapter 6 | Preparing Your Guitar Part
Chapter 7 | Inserting Effects
Chapter 8 | FX Chains and the Virtual Pedalboard
Chapter 9 | Amp Sims: The Inside Story
Chapter 10 | Studio One’s Effects
Chapter 11 | Improving the Sound of Amp Sims
Chapter 12 | Advanced Techniques
Chapter 13 | Doubling,Harmonizing, and Layering Guitars
Chapter 14 | Automation and Real-Time Parameter Control
Chapter 15 | Control Link and Real-Time Hardware Control
Chapter 16 | Special Features
Chapter 17 | Live Performance with Amp Sims
​Appendix | MIDI 1.0 Basics