Craig Anderton - How to Create Compelling Mixes in Studio One *

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  • Lavishly illustrated, 270-page eBook is the “crown jewel” of the Studio One book series that also includes books on vocals, guitars, dynamics processors, and tips & tricks
  • Revised for Studio One 5, with an additional section on MIDI Basics
  • Take full advantage of Studio One’s extensive mixing toolset
  • Covers the techniques, technology, and art of mixing
  • Links from contents page to topics—find specific subjects quickly
  • Filled with practical, real-world techniques

* Please note that this product is an electronic or (eBook) and is a download product only. Nothing will be shipped. 

Mixing is where you create an experience that transports the listener into your musical world. And now, renowned music technology expert Craig Anderton brings his years of production and mixing expertise to an easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide about all aspects of mixing. Chapters include Mixing Philosophies, Technical Basics, Mixing with Computers, How to Use Plug-Ins, Mixing and MIDI, Prepare for the Mix, Adjust Equalization, Dynamics Processing, Sidechaining, Add Other Effects, Create a Soundstage, Mix Automation, Final Timing Tweaks, and Review and Export, and three Apenndices.

Profusely illustrated, and loaded with constructive, practical, meaningful advice that will improve your mixes dramatically, this 270-page eBook sets the standard for discovering how to make compelling mixes in Studio One.

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  • 270 pages, 73,400 words, over 180 four-color illustrations
  • Downloadable PDF, with links from the contents to book topics
  • “Key Takeaways” section for each chapter summarizes chapter highlights
  • “Tech Talk” sidebars do deep dives into selected topics
  • Covers all aspects of mixing with Studio One

Chapter 1: Mixing Philosophies
Chapter 2: Technical Basics
Chapter 3: Mixing with Computers
Chapter 4: How to Use Plug-Ins
Chapter 5: Mixing and MIDI
Chapter 6: Prepare for the Mix
Chapter 7: Adjust Equalization
Chapter 8: Dynamics Processing 
Chapter 9: Sidechaining
Chapter 10: Add Other Effects
Chapter 11: Create a Soundstage
Chapter 12: Mix Automation
Chapter 13: Final Timing Tweaks
Chapter 14: Review and Export
Appendix A: MIDI 1.0 Basics
Appendix B: Calibrating Levels
Appendix C: Mixing with Noise