Classical Guitar *

Product Details

  • Recorded by Benjamin Verdery at Abbey Road Studios, London
  • Includes sample variations for open strings, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and left-hand and right-hand fingering control
  • For use with Notion version 4 or later and Progression 3 or later

The Classical Guitar samples were performed by Benjamin Verdery and recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Studio 2 on a 1995 Greg Smallman strung with D'Addarios. Greg Smallman is an Australian luthier who has been one of the most influential and innovative minds in guitar making for over 30 years. He has provided guitars for some of the most elite performers in the world, including John Williams and Benjamin Verdery.

Each sample was carefully recorded at numerous dynamic levels in a normal right-hand playing position, as well as sul ponticello and sul tasto, using both rest strokes and free strokes. Other surprises are included in this library, including numerous golpe options and unique string-crossing samples—a favored compositional technique that is regularly used by Benjamin Verdery and other composers.

Techniques include:

Rest Strokes, Free Strokes, Standard Right-Hand Positon, Sul Ponticello (at the bridge) Sul Tasto (over the fingerboard), Hammer-on, Pull-off, Trills, Vibrato, Molto Vibrato, Harmonics, Golpe, Crossed-Stringed technique, all at numerous dynamic levels.

(959.4 MB download)

Sound Samples